Thursday, October 15, 2009

You Blow Me Away!

Oh Lord! My heart cries out in gratitude, in humility, in praise!
Who am I that you would even notice me?
Yet You extend your hand of salvation, in desire for relationship with me!
How have I even caught your eye?
Why do you look on me as lovely and beloved?

Oh precious blood of Jesus Christ!
Only by your mercy have I been redeemed.
Only because of your sacrifice do I even have a place at the Father's table...
Yet not just any place, but the place of honor:
The bride of my beloved.

And so I come in all humility, in all my unworthiness,
Only to be clothed with your strength and to be made clean and worthy
Of your love, of your life...object of your desire.
Holy, righteous, acceptable, desired, loved, beautiful,
Without spot or blemish -- because of your blood.

Oh how I love You!

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