Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thoughts on Worship

In my Music and Worship class in college we learned that worship is exalting God in our minds and hearts. It's something we do on both levels: knowledge and heart...or "spirit and truth". I'm reading Manifest Presence by Jack Hayford and he talks about how God deliberately says "spirit" first. He wants our hearts before our heads. Dr. Hayford states that while our worship should be theologically accurate, it should first reflect a heart devoted to God.

The first time I read this I nearly burst out of my skin! I have always been more on the expresive side than the intellectual, and when it comes to worship I've always believed that when God touches my emotions, it's a good thing! I'm doing a Bible study by Beth Moore. On the video yesterday she said, "We need to stop being so sophistocated in our worship. That's not agape!" Once again skin was bursting!

I love that God desires our hearts more than He desires our intellect. The Bible says the foolishness of God is wiser than the greatest wisdom of men. With this in mind, it seems almost silly to try and comprehend Him! I know that God wants us to know Him and know about Him. (Eph 3:16-20 is a great example of this.) But I truly believe that comes through revelation from Him--obviously including the study of His word. He wants our hearts! He'll show us the rest. All intelligence, all wisdom, all knowledge comes from Him. How can we even begin to think it wise not to let Him have the rest of us! He says himself that He rejoices over us! If God is that excited about me, shouldn't I get just a little bit crazy about Him!

Here's what I'm saying, next time you get into God's presence, rejoice. He's a great God and he wants to bless you and see you excited for Him. Worship Him with your heart not just your head. You'll never fully know Him until you are with Him in glory and see His beautiful face!

2 Samuel 6:14-15 "David, wearing a linen ephod, danced before the LORD with all his might, while he and the entire house of Israel brought up the ark of the LORD with shouts and the sound of trumpets."

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