Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Baby #2

Today, once again, our lives will change forever. In just about three hours we will have a new addition to our family. A new little life to tend and train. A new little temperament to love and discipline. We knew when we had Jeremiah that life would never be the same, but how much different will it be now? How much more love and chaos?

I'm so grateful for a God who walks with us through the overwhelming things of life...for family and friends who never cease to support and pour out unconditional love...for a husband who is most definitely the best thing to ever happen to me, not to mention the most amazing man I know...for pastors who care enough to call and pray us through our fears. 

I can't begin to describe the mix of emotions and thought processes that have overtaken me in the last 24 hours. Excitement swings to anxiety and back to elation again. Then FEAR! Then get-this-kid-out-of-me! And on and on...

I know it will be great. I know he'll be a wonderful blessing. I know God has greater things in store than I could ever comprehend, and more love than I thought I could know. So... I'll put on my brave face and ball my eyes out later safe in the presence of my big, strong Papa God, whose loving embrace knows no end. 

And maybe I'll post a picture or two!

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