Sunday, August 12, 2012


Watching Zachary the last few days has reminded me how amazing God is. It's hard to deny the intelligence and creativity it takes to create something so intricate and perfect. I think the first thing I noticed when my babies came out is that it seems literally impossible that this entire little person fit inside of me! And then to watch how they function so perfectly and begin even from the first day to express who they's mind blowing! 

I see such striking differences in my boys and it's only been 6 days! Jeremiah was alert and curious from the moment he was born. The first time he was placed on my chest to nurse he went for it with gusto. To this day if his food is not ready when he is it's a very bad thing. Zachary was placed on my chest Tuesday morning after a quick rinse and he immediately fell asleep! for a whole hour! When he nurses he takes his time and I struggle to keep him awake throughout. He's the definition of a sleepy head. I can imagine he'll be one of those kids who falls asleep in his spaghetti! Basically anything that I could possibly have noticed about Zachy's personality and temperament in the last few days is pretty much exactly opposite of Jeremiah's. The funny thing is when Zachary came out Josh said, "He looks exactly like Jeremiah! He's beautiful!"

How fearfully and wonderfully they are each made. Such a mystery. God is so infinitely creative that to give me two boys, cut from the same cloth yet completely different, is like nothing to Him, but He takes care to do it so perfectly. I love that about Him. His tenderness, care, creativity, and delight are constantly expressed in His creation. What an amazing Father. What an awesome God!

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