Saturday, January 19, 2013

Broccoli Slaw and Kale Salad

Healthy & Delicious!
Recently I found this bagged salad mix at Costco that until now I would have never picked up, let alone devoured like I did. It was Super 7 Kale Salad or something like that. It was delicious! Well the next time I went shopping, hoping to pick it up again, they didn't have it. So sad.

Fortunately I had studied the bag carefully to see what was in it, mostly because I couldn't believe it tasted so good with all the veggies I was seeing in it! I decided to try my hand at making it myself. It couldn't have been easier and tasted exactly like the bagged one, which probably isn't such a huge deal since I used pre-cut and washed bagged versions of most everything. Haha!

Broccoli Slaw and Kale Salad

1 bag Broccoli Slaw - I got a small 16 oz bag from Trader Joe's that had carrots in it too.
1/3 head of Red Cabbage, sliced thin
2 cups Kale, chopped, stems removed - I used bagged, chopped the pieces smaller and removed any large stems.
1 cup Brussels Sprouts, sliced thin - I was skeptical about them too. Just add them!
Pepitas - roasted pumpkin seeds
Dried Cranberries
Poppy Seed Dressing

Mix all the greens together in a large bowl. You can store it in a sealed gallon zipper bag just like this for about a week or so. Throw a paper towel in there along with the salad to soak up the moisture. You can actually do this with any greens you want to keep fresh.

When you're ready to serve sprinkle the pepitas and cranberries on top and add poppy seed dressing.

The best thing about a salad like this is that the greens are hearty so they won't wilt quickly.

You can actually dress this and let it sit for awhile before you're ready to eat it. Enjoy!

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Tami said...

Hey! thanks for posting this... exactly what I was looking for! This salad really is good…who thought healthy could taste so good. The dressing, the pumpkin seeds and cranberries really pull it together.

Look it up!